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Tired of paying high prices for Windows? SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop can cost up to 90% less than Windows and Office, making this Linux desktop more than pay for itself.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop offers the flexibility to meet a wide range of customer needs. You can deploy it as a general-purpose desktop, use it in various thick client or thin client configurations, or rely on it for high-end engineering workstations.

Flexible and configurable

Because SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is based on open source software, it provides you greater flexibility than proprietary platforms. You can tailor virtually any element of the desktop to your specific needs. Unlike Windows, advanced configuration does not require a separate software stack that costs you additional licensing and training fees. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is built to respect and satisfy the specific needs of your business. Customization possibilities include:

Thin-client deployments-For thin-client machines, you can remove all unnecessary applications to minimize the installation footprint.

Granular control of the installation image-You can specify how your desktop and applications should be configured at a fine-grained level for each user, or for the overall enterprise. Your different configurations can be based on office suite settings, network access settings, desktop dialog preferences and more.

Desktop lock-down-You can configure user access restrictions. For example, you can prevent certain users from downloading applications or writing to removable media. This further hardens your systems and prevents unauthorized activity.