SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Arm

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Arm is optimized for servers and Internet of Things (IoT) devices based on a 64-bit Arm chipset (AArch64 architecture). It quickly delivers solutions based on a broad set of Arm System-on-Chip (SOC) vendors with enterprise-class security, greater reliability and superior support.


Why SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Arm?

We enable embedded solution providers and enterprise adopters to gain faster time to market with innovative server, Internet of Things (IoT) and Edge devices based on 64-bit Arm processors.

Highly scalable and versatile enterprise-grade OS for Arm

Suitable for a wide range of workloads – empowering SUSE customers to innovate everywhere - from Edge to HPC. A rock-solid OS foundation, yet flexible enough to enable delivery of innovative solutions for a broad set of AArch64 processors.

Accelerate time to market

Ready-to-run images, packages, and containers built for Arm-based chipsets allows developers of storage, networking and Industrial IoT appliances to focus on bringing their differentiating applications to market faster than the competition.

Reduce risk with enterprise-grade security

Build your Arm-based solutions on a well-established open-source industry standard OS with the highest level of security for commercial operating systems designed for Common Criteria EAL4+ support that enable Arm ecosystem security mechanisms.

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Florian Amann, Team Leader Technology

"We are going to roll out the solution on a plant-by-plant basis, with the goal of implementing the IoT solution in all our facilities worldwide."

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Top 4 Features

Includes full enterprise support for virtualization with KVM and works with Arm platform providers such as Fujitsu, NVIDIA, and others to leverage Arm v8-A features. Yes certification and Arm’s System Ready Program guarantees hardware compatibility.

Comprehensive set of enterprise-grade OS features

We deliver a rich set of enterprise-grade features to enable easy and secure deployment of Arm-based solutions in heterogeneous datacenter or cloud environments.

Reliability and error recovery features

By default, we use Btrfs filesystem snapshots to enable quick boot recovery of the OS in case of a storage failure. Transactional updates can optionally be used to ensure even greater levels of system consistency.

Application performance optimization tools

Leverage GCC to develop applications exploiting the latest Arm architectural features and use tracing tools to optimize application performance. A choice of Linux drivers and data-plane development tools are available for network applications.

Edge and Industrial IoT-ready operating system

Simplify your IT/OT convergence journey with one OS to support deployments at the Industrial Edge and in the datacenter. The OS includes drivers for hardware interfaces commonly found on industrial hardware platforms, in addition to drivers for GPUs, SmartNICs and other hardware accelerators.

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