The economics of modern hardware platforms for supporting Digital Trans­formation

Modern IT infrastructure is essential for success in digital transformation. It must be highly efficient, scalable to adapt to changing workloads, flexible, have advanced security, and should support modern technologies such as blockchain and machine learning (ML). But most importantly, it must be simple to design, build and maintain, and have a complete automation stack to compete with the “as-a-Service” offerings of public cloud.

In this paper, IDC explores these issues and presents the latest enterprise solutions for digital transformation – drilling down into areas like performance, scalability, and security characteristic of these solutions, as well as the economics of adopting such open source platforms to support digital transformation.

Key Topics:

  • The importance of a modern server platform for digital transformation (DX)
  • DX infrastructure challenges - costs, innovation, security
  • LinuxONE economics - performance, flexibility, scalability
  • Security - business continuity, access security, data encryption
  • Quickly adapt your infrastructure to your business needs – DevOps, microservices, containers
  • Technologies of the future – artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, IoT

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