Debunking the Top Myths About Unsupported Linux for Embedded Development

In-house or outsourced? Supported or unsupported? When it comes to Linux for embedded systems, we understand you have options.

While the allure of unsupported Linux draws in many, the long-term costs and resource requirements associated with managing and scaling those systems can become prohibitive. With embedded Linux operating systems from SUSE, you can stay focused on creating innovative products that are secure, easy to manage, and supported by a partner with a proven track record in open source technology.


Investing in the right open source technology partner can help overcome many of the challenges you face when bringing products and services to market. SUSE Embedded solutions provide the foundation for developing systems that are flexible, simple to manage, and backed by a proven team of open-source technology experts.

Understand how a partner in supported Linux can help your organization:

  • Develop secure, reliable operating systems for embedded applications
  • Simplify product life cycles with managed critical security updates
  • Leverage industry certifications and reduce the time and risk of updates and patches

Download the paper today to learn about the differences between unsupported and supported Linux, and contact us to learn more about how SUSE can help.

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