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Year 1


A little more than a year ago, when I told my (swiss) wife that I was resigning from one of the most stable and profitable corporations in the country to join an open source company, she thought it was another one of my weird jokes (especially as the date was April 1st, April fool’s day). Reasons were obvious to me, and I think she also gets it by now 🙂

It both feels like it was yesterday as well as like it was a long time ago considering all the things that happened in that period.

It’s really been a fantastic year where I had the chance to meet many, many amazing colleagues, meet with communities we’re involved with, partners and customers we’re serving. We’ve also released a lot of new versions of our products, expanded and launched a lot of new partnerships, kept growing our business, completed our first acquisitions, welcomed new colleagues etc. etc. And among other conferences and events I’ve attended, my first SUSECON will remain as a great memory and illustration of what SUSE is all about: open source, technology, partners, customers, and fun!

Looking at what’s coming next year, this is no less exciting with more new colleagues to work with and learn from, with new solutions we’re going to launch and more!


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