What’s New with SUSE CaaS Platform?



SUSE CaaS Platform continues its steady pace of advancement, delivering new capabilities targeted at improving the Kubernetes platform operator experience. In addition to updating to Kubernetes 1.16, the SUSE CaaS Platform also also now enables operators to consolidate operations across multi-cluster, multi-cloud, and multi-platform environments; to simplify cluster and application management with a web-based console; and to optimize system performance with powerful monitoring and management capabilities. 

Customer-centricity was once again at the heart of feature considerations and enhancements for SUSE CaaS Platform. Over the past couple of weeks, we heard an increasing desire from our customers for key capabilities like the need unified management, and the need for more powerful data visualization. We listened to you, and your needs, and let that be our guide for development.

Recent enhancements allow you to:

Consolidate operations at scale with unified management and service deployment across complex multi-cluster, multi-cloud, and multi-platform environments.

  • Manage all of your Kubernetes clusters from a single point of control, regardless of provider or deployment location.  Assess status and health of all managed clusters at-a-glance with multi-cluster overview dashboards, then drill down into any cluster for fine grained management of its workloads and resources, all from the same, unified management console.
  • Converge operations of all your modern application platforms with unified management of Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry clusters.  As a ‘platform for other platforms’ Kubernetes is the ideal host for more complete application platforms, especially Cloud Foundry. Now you can manage SUSE Cloud Application Platform environments and other CFF-certified Cloud Foundry instances, together with your SUSE CaaS Platform and other CNCF-certified Kubernetes clusters using one shared management console.
  • Deploy services across multiple managed systems more quickly and easily with expanded support for Helm chart deployments. Browse, filter, and search through an integrated library of all the Helm charts you need, from multiple repositories, then deploy selected services to any Kubernetes cluster in any cloud with point-and-click ease.


Simplify Kubernetes cluster and application management with a web-based console that makes it easier for administrators to deploy, monitor, scale, and troubleshoot containers running on any cluster, and to manage cluster resources too.

  • Grow your Kubernetes management team faster with an intuitive user interface that dramatically reduces the Kubernetes learning curve.  No need to master myriad complex operational commands and syntax; all standard Kubernetes operations are accessible from the new browser-based UI.
  • Quickly grasp situational status of your cluster and running containers with visual representations of key metrics.  Dynamically updated charts and graphs enable you to instantly identify trends, spot anomalies, recognize problems, and more, to help you keep your systems up and running at peak efficiency.


Optimize system performance with insights gained from comprehensive real-time monitoring and powerful data visualization tools.  

  • Replace guesswork with data-driven decisions, using industry leading Prometheus monitoring technology to capture rich time series data from your Kubernetes cluster and managed applications.
  • Understand system behavior more quickly and deeply with real-time data visualization powered by the industry favorite Grafana analytics platform.  Use Grafana to query, visualize, alert on, and understand cluster and workload metrics so that you can respond more quickly, troubleshoot more effectively, and predict more accurately.
  • Leverage existing skills with industry leading system observability tools that you already know and love. Broadly supported by many system software providers including SUSE, Prometheus and Grafana are de-facto standard open source monitoring and visualization tools used by many enterprises to support operations of Kubernetes and all of their most valued systems today.


To learn more about the new capabilities introduced in SUSE CaaS Platform stay tuned for blogs from us over the next few days, and be sure to read up on Prometheus and Grafana.


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