What Do SAP Experts Do to Ensure Availability?


Does the longstanding relationship between SAP and SUSE make a difference to partners and their customers? Ask oxYa, a leader in SAP technical services and hosting solutions with over 170,000 SAP users in France and across the globe. For the past ten years, these SAP experts have experienced accelerating growth as companies move to hosted applications for the agility to rapidly adapt to changing business conditions at a lower cost.
oXya offered a popular Linux-based server to a group of customers using UNIX who wanted to save on hardware and software costs. But there were perceived issues around availability and support. oxYa needed improved support and better clustering capabilities to ensure enterprise-class availability.

The company chose SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications, which is optimized for high-performance, security and reliability, based on SUSE-SAP technical collaboration, and includes the SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension with its multiple clustering capabilities. In fact, SUSE is the only Linux distribution validated by SAP for clustered SAP environments.

The result was improved availability for the customers who switched from IBM AIX and Red Hat to SUSE—as well as lower operating system costs. Customers were happy with the technical support as well. And the fact that SAP develops software on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server first and runs its own ERP systems on SUSE helps oxYa market its services.

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