On our way to digital transformation


One of many aspects and drivers of digital transformation is the Internet of Things. Cisco claims that in 2020 there will be 3.4 connected devices per human being or 26.3 billion connected devices in total. For many years the Internet of Things has been a hype, but now we are seeing it maturing and with it a plethora of new business models in all industries and applications changing our private behavior. The most innovative applications have the potential to disrupt current business models.

One important step for enterprises to stay abreast of this revolution is to ready their IT infrastructure – as agile or bi-modal IT infrastructure is the basis for digital transformation. IT today is confronted with two key expectations. First, the focus today is not any longer exclusively on stability, optimization and cost reduction – equally important are aspects like agility, flexibility and speed, in the end time-to-market. Secondly, IT is not just a support service of the business, it is expected to create value for the business by enabling faster growth and time-to-market.

Only software-defined infrastructures can manage to solve the seeming contradiction between agility and continuity and will be the backbone of digital transformation.

Read IDC’s recommendation how to tackle this challenge and how SUSE can help. http://ow.ly/Pqpq301rv4L

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