The SUSE Graduate Program in South Africa


SUSE Graduate Program 2023

The local SUSE Team in South Africa are planning to run a unique graduate program for previously disadvantaged youths. This initiative will provide these individuals with the opportunity to gain valuable skills not only in theory but also with on-the-job training while completing the certifications at SUSE Partners

What makes this program different is SUSE’s contribution and commitment to developing critical skills in a market where the are very few.

In the previous quarter of 2022, South Africa’s youth unemployment rate stood at 45.5%, which is a slight improvement over the rate of 45.3% in Q3. This indicates a total of 4.6 million unemployed youths in the country.

Due to the success of the SUSE Graduate program in 2018, the SUSE team has been approached by numerous financial institutions and partners to revisit the program. In the previous iteration, twenty graduates were selected out of a group of over one hundred delegates to participate. These graduates were placed at partner organizations to gain on-the-job experience and receive mentorship from individuals within those organizations.

The 2023 program will follow the same initiative as in 2018 but with additional specializations within the containerization field as well as in business-critical Linux. Training will be provided by SAB&T, SUSE Certified Training partner. These certifications are in high demand and recognized internationally.

In addition to the SUSE Certifications the graduates will also complete an NQF certification on IT System support through CTU.

Utilizing the power of the channel the local distributor Axiz will be assisting in facilitating this program with the team from SUSE. The distributor will be managing the HR functions as well as the sourcing of the students.

This program aims to draw on the strength of the community, to train enable and make opportunities available to individual that would not have otherwise been exposed to.

If you are interested in the program and would like more information, please contact:

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