The Future of Edge Computing is Written in the Stars


How often have you looked at the amazing tapestry of light we see in the stars? It’s really quite amazing – tiny points of light numbering in the billions, the vast majority of which we can barely see, each generating and sending us a wealth of data. What I find most amazing is that with the right instrumentation, these tiny points of light give us immensely valuable insights into the state and operations of our universe.

I can’t help but draw a parallel between our starry sky and the ever-expanding dimension of edge computing. The edge or, more properly, the edges of our compute universe, can generate a treasure of data that, with the right ‘instruments,’ will provide immensely valuable insights into the state and operations of our enterprises at a scale unimaginable thirty years ago.

Why thirty years ago? A little factoid – from a tiny flicker of light on September 17, 1991, Linux was born and with it, the vision of an open ecosystem of operating systems, applications, management frameworks, and more. Less than a year after that first ‘bang,’ SUSE was born, and compute has not been the same since.

Like our universe, to avail myself of the analogy one last time, open source expansion is accelerating faster than the experts predicted. Today, 100 percent of the world’s top 500 supercomputers run on Linux as does over 90 percent of the world’s cloud infrastructure. By 2025, edge compute is expected to be four times larger than cloud and generate 75 percent of the world’s data.

This will require new, innovative approaches to software infrastructure – like a purpose-built operating system that seamlessly bridges from the data center to the cloud to the edges. Or applications and data securely distributed, managed, and enabled by containers and lightweight orchestration with far-reaching innovations like K3s for near, far, and tiny edges.

SUSE has been at the edge of the edges for years, investing in open technologies that have rapidly moved beyond the humble though fundamental operating system. And that’s what makes SUSECON Digital 2021 so exciting.

SUSE has reimagined the edge – simplifying and modernizing the fundamentals and accelerating the developments that will help transform the enormity of data enterprises generate into actionable insights to fuel new products and services, new customer experiences, and even new business models.

SUSECON Digital 2021 has three distinct yet inextricably linked worlds in orbit around the SUSE core: Linux World, Kube World, and Edge World. At Edge World, we’ll announce new products; have conversations with industry luminaries pushing the edge from the seas to the stars; and, of course, the opportunities to see, hear, and experience first-hand the latest edge insights and innovations with SUSE experts.

SUSECON Digital 2021 is all about innovation. From enterprise Linux to Kubernetes management to Edge solutions, SUSE is empowering you to innovate everywhere. Please join us on Edge World on May 18th. I promise you will be on the edge of your seat with all the new and exciting innovation coming to you from SUSE.

Registration for SUSECON Digital 2021 is free and open – sign up here.

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