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SUSECON – what a wild GREEN ride!


We planned for it. We sweated it. We got excited for it. And it was… worth it. SUSECON 2016, my first chance to meet new colleagues was just one bonus (there’s Ruby on the right – not that you’d know she’s new, she was like a walking-talking, problem-solving machine) and visit with “old” team mates (see Jennifer on the left, she sold A LOT of green stuff). But a big bonus – because hanging out with the people I work with energizes me until I see them again!

I keep telling my friends and family about how amazing it was to see our partners, experts and customers in action. No matter how many times I dashed into the Technology Showcase, I saw intense conversations between partners and customers. They were just – figuring it out. Right there. Every time.

How COOL it was that we have this kick-*&^ (if you’ll pardon the expression) rock band that just tore it up every morning and night, but (well known secret) two of the band members are also some of the SUSE’s most talented Sales Engineers, training and certifying our wicked smart customers by day, playing by night. That’s what I find matters most at SUSE, it’s the people. Talented, smart, helpful, fun to be with, with interesting hobbies, fascinating stories, and just – doing their thing. Our customers, our partners, our employees. Love ’em. Can’t wait till next year!


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  • Avatar photo darthzen says:

    Small correction on the band. The lead guitarist and the drummer are chief architects from our services team, which I guess means that someone could pay us consulting money to have them come jam out on location somewhere.

    The bass player is one of our sales engineers, however. He’s based in Montreal and covers eastern Canada, and parts of the north-eastern US.

    The lead singer was the only one who was not an engineer. Apparently, most people that can cut it as a professional rock singer tend to go that route over engineering. Go figure. 🙂

  • Avatar photo Marita Werner says:

    Hi Jamie,

    welcome to SUSE! Nice photo!

  • Avatar photo petersonj1 says:

    Who is on the picture ?

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