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SUSECON 2019 MY KIND OPEN is hitting the Nashville Scene!


SUSECON 2019 is all set to roar loud and as you all know SUSE likes to champion open source as a ‘complete culture’ and insists upon lack of vendor lock-in — and, as such, the company insists that it currently has hundreds of open source projects actively working in research and development.This is a show with a LOT of certification and training… with SUSE Certified Administrator (SCA) Exams and SUSE Certified Engineer (SCE) Exams billed at the top of the list.

The chameleons over at SUSE tell us that the 2019 event offers attendees the chance to learn the latest developments in enterprise-class Linux, OpenStack, Ceph storage, Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry and other open source projects from technical experts, ecosystem partners and peers.At SUSECON 2019, you’ll see how our open, open source approach helps our customers and partners transform IT, delivering increased agility and faster innovation, done their way.  We’ll explore digital transformation that enables customers and partners in a way that suits them and one way we will be exploring this is by focusing on foundation and flexibility.

Here’s a look at a few sessions on those areas that could be a must Pick at SUSECON 2019:

Using Eclipse as an IDE for SUSE Cloud Application Platform [DEV1331]

 SUSE Cloud Application Platform is a Cloud Foundry based modern application delivery platform, used to bring an advanced cloud native developer experience to Kubernetes. One of the keys to the success of SUSE Cloud Application Platform is having some IDEs that help users to develop applications to run on the platform. Eclipse is one of the most widely used open source IDE for Java, C/C++, PHP and Javascript. This session will demonstrate how to integrate Eclipse IDE with SUSE Cloud Application Platform and how to easily develop, test, and deploy applications to Cloud Foundry, directly within Eclipse

Spekaer: RahulKrishna Gupta, Sr. Solution Architect, SUSE

Session Type (pick one): Developer
Topics: Developer Tools
Technical Level: Technical Advanced

Autonomous Driving Development Platform powered by SUSE [TUT1314]

 The Global Autonomous Driving Market is expected to grow up to $7 Trillion by 2050. The race for the first Level 5 autonomous car is expected to result in fully functional driver less vehicles hitting the road as early as 2020. Key Technologies in Play : (5G), AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT, Machine learning, V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle) and V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure) , Global Cloud Infrastructure, In-vehicle compute advancements, to enable full autonomy. Typical Requirements: Containerized Simulation Platform, Data Analytics Platform / Data Lake, Virtualized Compute Platform, Software Development Platform, Bulk Storage, High Performance Computing This session will cover SUSE’s solution portfolio which can address all the above mentioned requirements.

Speakers: RahulKrishna Gupta, Sr. Solution Architect, SUSE, Manoj Kumar, Solution Architect, SUSE

 Session Type (pick one): Technical Tutorial
Topics: Machine Learning
Technical Level: Technical Advanced

Getting Started with Kubernetes [HO1113]

This session will go through 1. Introduction to Containers and Microservices 2. Container Orchestration tools 3. Introduction to Kubernetes 4. Kubernetes Architecture 5. Key Features of Kubernetes a. Container grouping using pod b. Self-healing c. Auto-scalability d. DNS management e. Load balancing f. Rolling update or rollback g. Resource monitoring and logging 6. Lab: Installing Kubernetes cluster 7. Lab: Deploying Multi-Tier Application

Speaker: Naushad Pasha, GSI Technical Instructor, SUSE

Session Type (pick one): Hands-on
Topics: Application Delivery, Container Technologies
Technical Level: Technical Intermediate
Make sure to add these sessions to your List.

Nashville is waiting to Welcome SUSECON Attendees!

Explore the Show, There are more exciting stuffs waiting for you.See you at SUSECON 2019.


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