SUSECon 2015 – Session Highlights – Part 2


Let’s take a few brief moments to look at just three of the huge number of sessions (over 100 of them) for the upcoming SUSECon 2015 — which takes place in Amsterdam this November.

Control: Managing and Monitoring SUSE Enterprise Storage

Your shiny new multi-petabyte storage cluster is deployed. Data is flying over the network, writes are bursting through your SSDs, and all the disks are spinning. Now what? How do you monitor the performance of your cluster? How do you find a failed OSD? How do you manage storage pools? Enter Calamari, an open source GUI for Ceph that is included with SUSE Enterprise Storage. This session provides an in-depth exploration of the monitoring and management functionality present in Calamari, an overview of how the Calamari backend and Romana frontend fit together, and a comparison with Intel Virtual Storage Manager.

Optimize: Best Practices in Monitoring

Thousands of running services on hundreds of machines ask the admins to pay attention. At all times, on all channels, with all available software packages that SUSE (or other vendors) has to offer. Keeping an eye on all devices and services inside your infrastructure is a key to success of your business. This talk will give an exemplary overview about a high available monitoring setup that helps administrators to better understand their environment and also provides business activity monitoring, including automated Service Level Agreement reports.

Innovate: SUSE Linux Enterprise Technology Roadmap

This is the session for you to get a comprehensive overview of the SUSE Linux Enterprise family. The latest roadmap including upcoming products and service packs will be shown. You will learn about delivered and planned capabilities. And, you will learn how technologies provided with SUSE Linux Enterprise can help you implement the best solution for your mission-critical data center, UNIX migration and/or your virtualized infrastructure up to the clouds.


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