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Every year in late summeror early autumnthe SUSE documentation team conducts a global survey to gather concrete feedback from our technical users at customers, partners and SUSE about what the current documentation might lack, and how we can improve our documentation services. 

For the very first time, and for a limited time period, we also ran so-called intercept surveys (short pop-up questionnaires) for a restricted number of products on their product documentation Web pages. The purpose of the intercepts was to gather concrete feedback for just the docs of those products. The response was great! And the results show that, in general, we are heading in the right direction. 


Why still a bigger survey

However, since a while now, the documentation team has worked on enhancements, restructuring and improvements of our guides and manuals, based on the survey results of the past years. One of the outcomes, for example, is the new three-column-based layout of our HTML documents on, that helps you find information easily and change between sections and chapters quickly:

To be able to proceed quickly and do the right things, we now would like to

  • gather more holistic and comprehensive feedback,
  • and countercheck some of the intercept results with you, our main users. 

What exactly the survey contains

Our 2022 survey focuses on four product groups: SUSE Linux Enterprise product family, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications, SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro, and SUSE Manager.  Survey sections cover the overall satisfaction with SUSE documentation, searching for information, some specific question about the products and their respective available—or missing—documentation, how and when documentation is used, and the option of contributing to SUSE documentation.  It is a ‘branched’ survey and features dependencies, which means that, depending on product usage, you do not have to answer all questions. The survey is still open for participation until the second week of October. Once again, we count on your support! Please gift us some time and fill out the survey—it should not take more than 10 minutes. Share your honest feedback and help us further improve the docs. As a small token of our appreciation, we raffle off 3 giant plush chameleons and some SUSE gift packages.

Just have a look yourself:

Thank you very much!


Disclaimer: The text at hand has not been reviewed by a native speaker. If you find typos or language mistakes, please send them to me ( – or if you like them, just keep them and feed them. 

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Meike Chabowski Meike Chabowski works as Documentation Strategist at SUSE. Before joining the SUSE Documentation team, she was Product Marketing Manager for Enterprise Linux Servers at SUSE, with a focus on Linux for Mainframes, Linux in Retail, and High Performance Computing. Prior to joining SUSE more than 20 years ago, Meike held marketing positions with several IT companies like defacto and Siemens, and was working as Assistant Professor for Mass Media. Meike holds a Master of Arts in Science of Mass Media and Theatre, as well as a Master of Arts in Education from University of Erlangen-Nuremberg/ Germany, and in Italian Literature and Language from University of Parma/Italy.