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SUSE, WSO2 Implement PaaS Solution


The big news for SUSE this week a partnership with WSO2, an open source middleware company that is attracting attention from analysts and customers for their leading edge technology and the breadth of their solution offering. At SUSE, we could not be more excited about the opportunity to offer our customers complete, 100% open source middleware and Platform as a Service, built with WSO2 technology deployed on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and SUSE Cloud.

Businesses are embracing the cloud model because of the increased agility and scalability the service-oriented model provides, in addition to the potential to lower overall IT costs. Whether deploying applications in a public, private, or hybrid cloud, fast provisioning and auto scaling increases flexibility for business to respond to demands and ultimately makes them more competitive.

Now that the market has accepted the benefits that “as-a-service” brings to the infrastructure layer in improving IT efficiencies, what about the infrastructure demands associated with developing cloud applications?  Development teams have to be just as agile, responding to line of business demands for new applications. Each new project may require the provisioning of new hardware, middleware, memory and storage. Increasingly, development teams are finding the public cloud an easy and fast alternative to waiting for the IT organization to provision an internal stack, resulting in the growing “Shadow IT” problem, where the technology budget is increasingly spent outside of the IT department.

Many businesses also suffer from a lack of coordination or standardization of the development environment, missing out on efficiencies that could be gained by judicious re-use of common libraries and APIs.

This is where Platform as a Service comes in, offering the same benefits that cloud provides for the IT department, to the development organization. Like the Infrastructure as a Service cloud, PaaS can be public or private, but unlike IaaS, most Pass use today is behind the firewall. As Eric Knipp from Gartner recently stated, “The value proposition for Private PaaS seems compelling – an increasing number of stories suggest that Private PaaS can get you both reduced operational burden and higher developer productivity.”

WSO2 and SUSE solutions complement each other. WSO2 Stratos is cloud native and automatically scales up or down depending on the load. And SUSE Cloud provides the IaaS framework for Stratos, with automation features and scalability that allows enterprises to quickly scale their infrastructures to respond to changing business needs. Also important is the fact that both SUSE Cloud and WSO2 Stratos are built from 100% open source software, freeing businesses from vendor lock-in and giving them the ability to customize their solution for specific business requirements.

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