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Last night, as the expo floor closed on the third day of OpenStack Summit, Intel announced the results of their “Rule the Stack” competition.

This competition, in a nutshell:

“build a complete OpenStack infrastructure with compute, storage, and networking and launch some virtual machines. You will be competing on speed, in TopGear style we will track the fastest competitor”

20140514_163946_resizedSo who was the fastest?  Who managed to get a complete OpenStack installation setup and running faster than any man, woman or child on the planet?

That honor goes to SUSE’s own Dirk Mueller.

And what was his final time?

3 minutes, 14 seconds.  Nobody else was even close.

How Dirk pulled off this feat of technical wizardry using a slew of SUSE technologies:

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 partnered with the upcoming SUSE Cloud 4 (based on OpenStack Icehouse).  Dirk then used Kiwi to create a compressed, hybrid install image on a USB stick.  Oh.  And that USB stick even had an awesome green Chameleon on it.

Impressive?  Sure.  But Dirk wasn’t all smiles.  I received this message from him shortly after his victory was announced:

“I could have reached -2 minutes if I had known the rules better, as you got a 5 minute time deduction when using Heat. I had provisioned heat but I didn’t use it :-/”

That’s right.  He could have managed to complete the competition 2 minutes before it began (according to Intel’s rules).

He was this close to inventing time travel using SUSE technology.

Sorry, Dirk.  Better luck next time.

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