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SUSE is Now a Member of the Gaia-X Project to Support Openness, Innovation and Security


I’m very excited to share that as of this week, SUSE is a member of the Gaia-X project. With our commitment to open source innovation for the benefit of our customers, we are happy to support the Gaia-X project’s aim to build a secure and transparent digital ecosystem in Europe. We are especially pleased to join many of our trusted partners that are already involved with Gaia-X, and to work with many new organizations.

Gaia-X is a project initiated by Europe for Europe and beyond. Its aim is to develop common requirements for a European data infrastructure.

We are honoured to be accepted into the Gaia-X project. Our participation is an opportunity to impart the benefits of open source software toward data governance in Europe, whilst also instilling confidence in data sovereignty amongst cloud service users.

SUSE’s open, interoperable approach directly complements the strategic direction of the Gaia-X project, which seeks to build a secure, transparent and federated digital ecosystem in Europe.

SUSE enterprise solutions and technology are 100% open source. This provides customers with freedom of choice, allowing them to select from a broad range of market offerings that interoperate with SUSE’s open source solutions. Thus, customers have open access to the latest open source innovation.

We are very excited to work with the Gaia-X community based on our common goal of openness, innovation and security. Many organizations and companies want to be members of Gaia-X, confirming, as the Gaia-X organization mentions in their latest press release, “that Gaia-X goals are important and … many market participants want to make sure that Gaia-X is a success.”

Gaia-X also announced a forthcoming compliance label to help users identify the services that meet Gaia-X specifications. This will make it easier for European customers to choose their cloud services out of an ecosystem dedicated to the interoperable and transparent Gaia-X principles.

Organizations need flexibility to run and manage all business-critical applications across any environment using any Linux operating system and any Kubernetes distribution. SUSE helps them create the IT infrastructure that best meets their business and operational needs, as they innovate and transform at their own pace, without vendor lock-in or compromised business continuity.

SUSE and the Gaia-X community are a natural fit, and we look forward to our collaboration.

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