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SUSE, Fujitsu and SAP: Tackling Big Data Together


One of the hottest topics in technology circles these days is big data – and what to do with it all. Companies of all sizes struggle to manage, analyze and control the mountains of data they now have at their fingertips each day.

One of the leading tools in big data analytics is SAP HANA – a powerful, agile analysis solution that’s used by many of the largest companies in the world . When companies combine the power of SAP HANA with the rapid, flexible deployment model of a physical, virtual or cloud appliance, they can start putting their data to work immediately.

Earlier this month, Fujitsu announced the world’s first certified appliance for SAP Business One, analytics powered by SAP HANA. This SUSE Linux Enterprise Server-based appliance is compact, pre-configured and comes with SAP Business One, analytics powered by SAP HANA pre-installed. This is a optimized and tuned data analytics appliance – exactly what you need to truly tackle big data.

SUSE is the operating system of choice for SAP HANA. The Fujitsu appliance is the latest innovation in the strong and dynamic analytical solutions using SAP HANA, which runs on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. This partnership has allowed SAP HANA customers the flexibility, lower TCO and support to tackle next-gen financial planning, adapt to changing customer needs and even combat software piracy, among many other uses.

Red Bull, a SUSE customer, uses SAP HANA to evaluate billions of data records in real-time across its hundreds of countries in its operation. Because SAP HANA was delivered as an appliance, the project was implemented in 10 days. Christian Stoxreiter, Director of Business Applications at Red Bull says, “We were able to reduce the load times significantly, a pleasant side effect is the reduction of TCO through simplified landscape. We see a significant boost by SAP HANA at our end-to-end performance. The whole process is quick and easy – from ETL through to Business user who creates a query. Therefore, we are excited to see how the platform in the future our SAP landscape is further optimized and simplified.”

For organizations that can tackle their big data challenges, the benefit is enormous. The knowledge gained from analysis tools like SAP HANA has the potential to change how business is organized, managed and measured. Solutions combining technology from SAP, Fujitsu and SUSE put that power in your hands.


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