SUSE is First to Deliver BlueStore – IT Brand Pulse Industry 1st Award for SUSE Enterprise Storage


BlueStore Boosts the Performance of Ceph Storage

BlueStore is a major enhancement to Ceph storage because it eliminates the longstanding performance penalties of kernel file systems, with a whole new OSD backend which utilizes block devices directly.

SUSE is First to Deliver BlueStore

SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 Beta is now available and includes the industry’s first production-ready version of BlueStore. Based on the Ceph Luminous release, SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 broadens the use cases for the SUSE Software Defined Storage. With BlueStore inside, the performance of SES 5 is increased by up to a factor of two or more, erasure coding increases the efficiency of the fault tolerance, and storage utilization is enhanced with data compression.

IT Brand Pulse Industry First Validation

In a sea of high-powered IT advertising, IT Brand Pulse delivers test and research data to capture the performance, market position and perceptions of IT professionals about data center infrastructure. When a company is first with a new IT product or feature, we prove it through our Industry First Validation Program. For BlueStore, we searched for competitive offerings and contacted both vendors and IT pros, and validated that SUSE is first to ship a production-ready version of BlueStore. Learn more about IT Brand Pulse and the Industry First Validation Program at

Learn more about BlueStore – Download the whitepaper from

SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 will be generally available from October 31st 2017

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