SUSE Extends the Smart Innovation of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to Google Compute Engine


Google Compute Engine’s general availability confirms what public cloud users have known for a long time: that Google is ready to take its cloud computing expertise to the next level for customers looking for a solid public cloud option from an innovative organization that knows a thing or two about running a massively scalable infrastructure.

We are happy to partner with Google to bring SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to Google Compute Engine for all machine instance types. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Google Compute Engine brings the performance, reliability, security and scalability that development teams and IT operations groups require when moving to the cloud.

We deliver on these needs through our commitment to smart innovation. Smart innovation has always been the driving vision behind the development of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.  Now Google Cloud users can benefit, too, through the integration of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with Google Compute Engine.

It all starts with our forward-looking development model. This model enables SUSE to offer the latest features and performance enhancements, support the latest hardware and deliver enterprise reliability and application compatibility. One manifestation of our approach is that SUSE was the first enterprise Linux distribution to use the latest Linux kernel, 3.0. This improves the performance of compute and I/O intensive workloads while taking advantage of the latest hardware RAS capabilities.

Smart innovation builds on our heritage as the provider of the original enterprise Linux distribution. One of our key focus areas from the beginning, that has only escalated in importance, is the delivery of the most scalable operating system possible. Using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Google Compute Engine gives users access to an operating system that is certified with 4,096 logical CPUs and 64 TiB of RAM and contains the OFED Stack for low-latency, inter-machine communication.  SUSE Linux Enterprise Server also ships with the XFS file system and Btrfs, a resilient file system with improved scalability and data integrity.

While we like to tout our smart innovation, in the end it is about helping our customers and partners innovate.  That is the ultimate goal of our partnership with Google.  It is why more than 1,500 ISVs have certified over 10,000 applications on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and why we include a comprehensive software developer kit (SDK) as part of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.  The SDK delivers versioning tools (git, subversion), Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby on Rails.  And to simplify the deployment, configuration and administration of your workloads, we also include an integrated suite of management tools (YaST, AutoYaST, Zypp, and a small footprint CIM broker).

Whether developing new applications or bringing existing workloads, this is just some of the smart innovation that SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Google Compute Engine offers you.

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