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SUSE Briefing and Christmas Shooting Fun



Last week SUSECON™ was a great success in Washington D.C. There was also an election with a surprising victor. These are very interesting times with historic changes and unexpected events.

If you were unable to attend please see the final day summary blog:

In particular please watch the closing address:

This week the news continues to be filled with significant announcements. The once iconic VW has just announced 30,000 job losses Worldwide. The recent dominance of consumer electronics giant Samsung is thrown into the shade by a faulty battery. Tesco in the UK is caught short with security breaches.

Opportunity abounds but the risk of failing from a breach, design flaw or unstable platform has never been higher. This is most stark for IT systems and applications.

As the phrase goes “you wouldn’t bring a knife to a gunfight”. If you fear that your adversary has a gun would you buy a better gun? The 5th Amendment gives Americans the right to bear Arms.

You cannot pack heat in London without a well-armed Police squad intervening very quickly. You cannot smoke indoors in London anymore.

However there are always exceptions.

You can smoke freely at JJ Fox in St James. The technicality being that you are sampling the cigar before maybe buying more.

You can shoot from a boat on the Thames with SUSE UK on December 7th 2016. The Christmas briefing on a Thames river cruiser is a great opportunity to gain insight on the announcements at this year’s SUSECON™. The event will continue with a bang as you get to experience clay pigeon shooting from the boat.

On the journey downstream presentations will cover SUSECON themes such as Time to transform, Adapt to Win & Down with Downtime. This will also provide time to discuss some of our recent announcements regarding SAP, the Storage Market & Cloud.

The day will also provide an opportunity to consider the potentially trending Christmas gift – SLES on Raspberry Pi. This might be the perfect gift for a student or professional technologist but may just be a modern looking door stop for the GrandParents.

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