Stretch Your Storage Dollar: Optimizing HPC at the Value Tier with SUSE Enterprise Storage


Storage systems come in a variety of sizes, shapes and prices, and experts understand that basic parameters such as speed and capacity are only part of the story. The HPC environment places extraordinary demands on the storage system, but economy still matters—any money you save on storage preserves budget that you can then use to improve and extend the rest of your system.
A few months ago we published a white paper “Artful Tiering – Extending the Reach of HPC with SES”. It spoke to the enormous amount of data that is created by Hi-Performance Computing Systems. This paper will focus more on the how to stretch your budget dollars by utilizing the tiering of data, especially at the value tier. We will discuss the challenges faced with storage in HPC environments, how tiering comes into play and specifically understanding the “value tier”. And how SUSE® Enterprise Storage can be a frugal, versatile and single-source solution to help stretch your HPC dollar.
SUSE® Enterprise Storage is an enterprise-grade software-defined storage solution built around Ceph. The SUSE developers have tuned and tailored it to serve as a versatile storage solution for HPC environments. Along with the basic features found in all versions of Ceph, SUSE® Enterprise Storage adds technical sup¬port, hardware certification and a powerful collection of management tools for efficient installation and easy administration.
Ceph can fit gracefully into your HPC solution. With an innovative subscription model and enterprise-grade technical support, SUSE® Enterprise Storage provides best-in-class Ceph storage efficiency for many HPC workloads. Read More

For more information about SUSE High Performance Computing, go here or SUSE® Enterprise Storage (SES), go here. For the Ceph project go here,

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