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As high performance compute, big data analytics and artificial intelligence converge and become more pervasive, the demand on storage systems supporting these environments is increasing at unprecedented levels. With even more data being produced by these systems the answer is not more, faster or proprietary hardware locked storage. To stand a chance of meeting these challenges you need to rethink your storage paradigms all together.

It’s time to change, it’s time to look at Ceph, the leading open, software-defined storage solution.

This is where SUSE Enterprise Storage, powered by Ceph Technology can help you to revolutionize your storage. A multi-award winning Ceph based platform, SUSE Enterprise Storage can dramatically lower your costs, is easy to manage and scales limitlessly. Offered with a highly flexible per node pricing without capacity restrictions, making it the ideal choice for use in your HPC, AI and Big Data deployments as well as many other storage workloads.

Why wait, talk to SUSE or one of our many Storage partners today. Transform your storage approach so you can start saving, scaling, and easily managing your storage infrastructure.

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SUSE Enterprise Storage enables IT organizations to accelerate innovation, reduce costs and alleviate proprietary hardware lock-in by transforming their enterprise storage infrastructure with a truly open, and unified intelligent software-defined storage management solution.