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SLE 12 SP2 Public Beta Program!


Today, we are thrilled to announce our very first SUSE Public Beta Program.
We are inviting all developers, IT administrators, power users, and geekos worldwide to test drive the SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Service Pack 2 products through the Public SLE 12 SP2 Beta Program.

SLE 12 SP2 Beta3 is available now! if you are interested please visit:

More information about the SLE 12 SP2 beta products:

– The SLE 12 SP2 products available for this Beta are:

– SLE 12 SP2 brings important updates, such as: Kernel 4.4, GNOME 3.20, TPM 2.0, Hawk 2, Puppet 3.8.5 and more. More technical information will be provided through the SLE 12 SP2 Beta Program and also in future blog posts.

– Our schedule includes 4 betas, 3 Release Candidates and one Gold Master Candidate version, from May 12th 2016 to September 9th 2016.

More information about the products development:

– The open source technologies and products are moving fast this day, thus the SLE family product have increased their pace of Service Pack development and release. Starting with SUSE Linux Enterprise version 12, Service Packs are released on a yearly cadence!

– Agility is not just a buzz word, we are taking this seriously at SUSE, from the product itself (the SLE 12 Modules, like the “skip Service Packs” functionality, which lets you skip upgrades of prior Service Packs and jump straight to SP2 from SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12, etc), to the product development (faster Service Packs, better automated testing with openQA, etc).

– SLES 12 SP2 code base will be used to forge openSUSE Leap 42.2.

Stay tuned!

All of this new, exciting and challenging aspects have changed how we approach the beta program of our products. Retrieving fast and consistent feedback from customers is key in agile development, but keeping our Beta Participants pools to our customers and partners only, didn’t feel right with our open source genes.

That’s why today after much preparation, we are proud to open our SUSE Beta Program to the public starting with SLE 12 SP2, however more SUSE Products will also benefit in the future.

We will share more information and content throughout the SLE 12 SP2 beta phase, but until then happy beta testing and have fun!


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