SHI Cloud Joins Elite Group of Cloud Providers that Prefer SUSE Linux Enterprise Server


SUSE Cloud Program offers cloud service providers a licensing model tailored to fit the cloud business model. This week, SHI International Corp. and SUSE announced IT organizations of all sizes will have the ability to run SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on SHI Cloud, paying only for the hours they use.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is available across SHI Cloud’s secure, high-performance and industrial-grade Managed Private, Private and Multi-Tenant cloud offerings.  In addition, customers will have access to SUSE’s most current security patches, bug fixes and new features so they can keep their SUSE Linux Enterprise Server VMs running on SHI Cloud’s innovative vCore platform up to date.

We’re pleased SHI Cloud has chosen SUSE as its exclusive Linux partner to help customers move to the cloud. Other cloud providers that have joined the SUSE Cloud Program include Dell, Amazon Web Services, Fujitsu, IBM, Intel, 1&1, Tencent, SGI, Verizon, Vodacom Business and more.

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