SUSE Revolutionizes Enterprise Kubernetes Management with Rancher Prime: See it in Action


For the past 30 years, SUSE has been a beacon of innovation and reliability for the largest organizations around the globe. SUSE announced another leap in cloud native technology with Rancher Prime at Kubecon EU in Paris. The new Rancher Prime further simplifies container management for all skill levels and empowers enterprises to excel in their cloud native journey while avoiding common traps.


All skill levels tap into the power of Kubernetes through self-service

For Kubernetes, the de facto container orchestrator’s greatest strength is possibly its biggest weakness: intricate configurations and a steep learning curve. Enterprises crave a solution that demystifies this complexity and makes Kubernetes accessible to all skill levels without compromising on functionality. 

Rancher Prime was born from this need. It is a platform designed to make Kubernetes management intuitive and inclusive. Rancher Prime caters to a diverse audience, from the less technical staff who appreciate its user-friendly interface to the seasoned developers who love the terminal and platform engineers who seek granular control over their environments.

Empowering through simplification

One of the most lauded features of Rancher Prime is its authentication system, which streamlines the provisioning and management of Kubernetes clusters. This simplification extends to the developers’ realm, where they can independently deploy applications and manage resources while having the transparency of a terminal view for real-time adjustments at every stage.

Check out the new Rancher Prime!

Experience the exciting new Rancher Prime in less than 5 minutes with Erin Quill, SUSE’s Principle Technical Marketing Manager.



The benefits of Rancher Prime

Rancher Prime is more than just a Kubernetes management platform; it’s a catalyst for business transformation. Here’s how Rancher Prime can help your team:

  • Accessibility for All: From novices to experts, Rancher Prime offers something for everyone. 
  • No Vendor Lock-in: Rancher Prime is 100% open source and serves as an abstraction layer to deploy wherever you need to.
  • Prime Support: Access expert assistance, documentation and training.
  • Streamlined Operations: Simplify the creation and management of Kubernetes clusters with an intuitive interface.
  • Developer Empowerment: Self-service capabilities and terminal transparency accelerate the development cycle with the Application Collection.
  • Enhanced Security: Robust authentication and access control (RBAC) ensures a secure environment.
  • Enterprise-Grade Lifecycle: Enjoy production-grade quality, security updates, and critical patches for up to 18 months throughout the lifecycle.
  • Zero-Trust Security and Secure Supply Chain: Ensure compliance and security for mission-critical workloads and platforms.
  • Prime Add-ons: Customize your platform even more with additional enterprise content and features and vetted open source software.
  • Prime Priority: Collaborate to shape the future of Rancher Prime with early access to new features.

Want to learn more about Rancher Prime?

This blog discussed how Rancher Prime focuses on simplification and inclusivity in the world of cloud native management, providing the best developer experience. By bridging the gap between complexity and usability, Rancher Prime empowers enterprises to unlock their full potential and navigate the fast-paced realm of cloud native applications with confidence and ease. Talk to an enterprise solution expert to accelerate your innovation journey and expand your knowledge of Rancher Prime.

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