Seven Features of SUSE Enterprise Storage 2 Which Make it the Preferred Data Center Storage Solution


Simon Graphics is a design studio generating huge amounts of image and video files and are getting close to the limits of their proprietary storage solution. While it has worked well for them, it is a legacy from the company they acquired and is unaffordable to upgrade with fairly complex management. Their storage requirements are:

  • expand existing capacity with mostly regular disks
  • invest in some solid-state devices for faster data access
  • have some logic which automatically configures which data is accessed more often and makes it faster to access
  • policy-defined data redundancy between their onsite and remote location file storage

SUSE Enterprise Storage can do all this…. and very easy too.

SUSE Enterprise Storage is a highly scalable and resilient software-based storage solution. Based on Ceph, it scales to infinity while its self-healing and self-managing features let businesses add capacity at very reasonable cost and with little effort.


What’s new with SUSE Enterprise Storage 2?

  • iSCSI block level access support for VMWare, Windows, Unix and other heterogeneous operating systems
  • Disk level data encryption with flexible placement for the key value
  • Data cache tiering with support for multiple performance or availability levels within a single cluster
  • Erasure coding for space-efficient redundancy – works a lot like a configurable network RAID with more control and less cost
  • Thin provisioning for optimized data utilization
  • Copy-on-write clones for application rollback
  • Object and block data access for unified data access

See SUSE Enterprise Storage 2 in an action video with use cases from SUSEcon 2015.

Looking for more technical details – see David Byte’s technical blog on SUSE Enterprise Storage.

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