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Sara Assicurazioni: Transforming the Insurance Industry with Kubernetes


“In SUSE Rancher we can standardize all our images and create a new container in a matter of seconds — it’s extremely easy.” Paolo Perrucci, Head of Infrastructure, Sara Assicurazioni.

Sara Assicurazioni, the leading Italian insurance company, ran its critical internal business applications on monolithic technologies. Its technology team, led by head of infrastructure Paolo Perrucci, realized they needed to scale quickly and equip themselves with more modern tooling to better manage the rapidly expanding infrastructure.  

The goal for the team was to create a modern and resilient technical architecture that can operate across multiple clouds. In 2019 the team started to explore containers as a way to standardize its Kubernetes environments and simplify the development process. 

This sparked the need for a management platform to orchestrate its Kubernetes clusters. The team quickly realized that SUSE Rancher was the way forward. The main reasons for selecting SUSE Rancher came down to ease of use, agility, and speed. Within hours of trialling SUSE Rancher, Sara Assicurazioni had a cluster up and running in its development environment. The rest is history! 

Pioneering a multi-cluster, multi-cloud future 

Sara Assicurazioni has already migrated 60% of its workloads and expects this process to be complete by the end of 2021. The impact on operating efficiency has been tremendous with the team now able to deploy new environments 80% faster than before. 

SUSE Rancher has enabled the Sara Assicurazioni team to adopt a true multi-cluster, multi-cloud strategy, allowing them to migrate workloads between different cloud providers with ease, in order to reduce overheads and increase availability. 

While ease of use was at the top of Perrucci’s wish list when choosing a container management platform, another requirement SUSE Rancher has met is allowing the team to spin up multiple clusters at a moment’s notice. SUSE Rancher allowed them to achieve this, and allowed the team to run them separately side-by-side, all managed via one central platform. This significantly hastens development velocity and the completion of new projects. 

The company now plans to use containers as the springboard for all the new applications it develops and to support future innovation. This includes a new machine learning application to prevent claims fraud and more effective analysis of the huge amounts of rich data it has at its disposal. 

It is this ability to innovate quickly, in response to market pressures, which will stand Sara Assicurazioni in good stead. 

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