Rocking January for SAP users in AWS EC2 and Azure


Drum-roll please, announcing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP1 and SP2 For SAP Applications  available as on demand in Azure. Hurrah 🙂 .We’ve had Bring Your Own Subscription (BYOS) images available for some time and now you can also enjoy the benefits of SLES For SAP in an on demand format. For those looking for fencing and failover, sorry you have to be patient. Work is on going on the resource agents. I consulted the Magic 8 ball and it came to the conclusion that there is a definite possibility of a resource agent release in the not too distant future. The resource agent will, when available, be released into the HA (High Availability) repository, which is already pre-configured when an on demand instance launches.

The on demand images connect to the SUSE operated update infrastructure and register to a region local update server in the same way SUSE Linux Enterprise Server instances do. Thus once the instance is up and running you immediately have access to the SUSE repositories. When you run SAP applications on the on demand images the warm hand off between SAP and SUSE support is included should anything not go according to plan.

But we wouldn’t really be rocking January if we would not have another trick up our sleeve. In AWS EC2 the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP1 For SAP Appliications images available through the market place now come with ENA support, meaning when you select certain instance types you will get support 20 Gb networking. The BYOS images have also been updated to include ENA support.

As always you can find the image names and image ids of these latest images using pint.

One minor caveat amid all this wonderful news does exist, sorry. When we released the SLES 12 SP2 For SAP images, during SUSECon, which by the way will take place in Prague this year and I hope to see you there, into the AWS Marketplace we had a bit of a mishap in that we managed to switch the description, which said SP1 with the image, which was actually SP2, sorry. This mishap is now corrected. So the description and the underlying image once again match and when you select the “SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications v12 SP1” from AWS Marketplace you will get exactly that, a SLES 12 SP1 For SAP image. The SLES 12 SP2 For SAP images are still in Marketplace they just do not have a slot, as in visible description, at the moment. Thus you cannot point and click to launch an instance, again pint is your friend. In the next couple of weeks we’ll get the SLES 12 SP2 For SAP images back into a clickable position in AWS Marketplace and they’ll get refreshed with the latest patches at the same time.

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