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Redapt ML Accelerator with SUSE Rancher


Have you heard about Redapt ML Accelerator with SUSE Rancher?  This collaborative offering is designed to help organizations more quickly and easily realize the benefits of machine learning.

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Machine learning (perhaps a less loaded term than “artificial intelligence”) can provide powerful insights that enable organizations to derive new value, accomplish the missionor gain competitive advantage.  From reducing costs and growing revenue to enabling entirely new products and markets, machine learning is driving enormous business opportunity. 


But getting machine learning right can be a challenge.


Reports by GartnerVentureBeat, and others show that 80 to 90 percent of machine learning projects fail to make it from experimentation to production.  Machine learning often exposes unforeseen challenges, including dependencies on new technologies and architectures as well as unfamiliar processes for data and operations.  Just knowing where to start with machine learning can be one of the biggest hurdles.  But even organizations familiar with machine learning have difficulty transitioning to production … and it can be expensive if you get it wrong.


The Redapt ML Accelerator is the easy button for organizations looking to quickly and successfully adopt machine learning.  It uses a proven, scalable architecture built on SUSE Rancher, and it includes the expert engineering and data science services to help you quickly go from zero to production-ready machine learning with an IT-friendly platform, optimal pricing, and an accelerated time to value.  And, with SUSE Rancher at the core, you are primed for growth across data center, public cloud, edge, and beyond.


The core Redapt ML Accelerator includes:

  • Ready-to-use infrastructure.
    • Production-ready footprint, optimized to lower startup costs.
    • Highly available Kubernetes with SUSE Rancher.
    • Hardware to support traditional machine learning and deep learning workloads, including a base model with 4x data center ready GPUs.
    • Workflow management with Kubeflow and ready-built containers.
    • Self-service Jupyter notebooks for data exploration.
    • Integration with NVIDIA RAPIDS and Spark.
    • IT monitoring and alerting with Prometheus and Grafana.
  • Engineering assistance.
  • Development to Deployment workshop.
  • Best practices & knowledge transfer.


Machine learning is helping people discover insights, open opportunities, and drive innovation.  SUSE and Redapt can help simplify your machine learning journey and empower you with the modern tools you need to accelerate your success.  Let’s get started!



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