Prepare for the Future With Roadmap Presentations at SUSECON 2020


SUSECON 2020 is one of the best opportunities of the year to immerse yourself in SUSE technologies and get answers your questions about open source and SUSE solutions. This is the one time each year that we bring all our technology superstars together to talk about the future. Click here to register – you don’t want to miss it!

By attending SUSECON 2020, you will have the opportunity to learn about forthcoming SUSE solutions to help your organization accomplish its business goals.

Do you need to simplify and improve the performance of your infrastructure by moving more applications to the cloud? Don’t miss the SUSE Cloud Solutions Roadmap session.

Are you implementing artificial intelligence or machine learning to maximize the value of your data? Check out the Artificial Intelligence At The Speed Of Excellence: Roadmap & Vision and The SUSE High Performance Computing Roadmap sessions.

In fact, SUSE will host 12 product roadmap presentations during SUSECON:

  • Application Delivery Solutions Future Vision and High-Level Roadmap
  • Artificial Intelligence At The Speed Of Excellence: Roadmap & Vision
  • CaaS Platform Networking & Roadmap; SUSE Cloud Solutions Roadmap
  • EDGE Computing Roadmap
  • Roadmap: SUSE Enterprise Storage
  • SUSE Application Delivery Solutions: What’s Next?
  • SUSE Cloud Solutions Roadmap
  • SUSE’s Infrastructure Management Roadmap: Managing Hybrid IT Infrastructures From The Edge To The Core To The Clouds
  • SUSE’s Roadmap For Edge Computing
  • The Future Of OS: SUSE Linux Enterprise Roadmap
  • The SUSE High Performance Computing Roadmap
  • The SUSE Manager (+ Retail) Roadmap: IT Infrastructure Lifecycle Management For Everyone
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