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Power Your Agile Data Platform with SUSE Rancher and MongoDB Enterprise Advanced


Post authored by Terry Smith, Director, SUSE Global Partner Solutions

In an earlier article of this agile data platform series, we looked at streamlining your IT landscape and gaining agility, performance and cost savings with SUSE Linux Enterprise and Microsoft SQL Server.

In this article, we move from the traditional enterprise database into the cloud native realm with SUSE Rancher and MongoDB Enterprise Advanced.


Today, businesses must survive in this always-on, fast-paced, data rich environment that extends outside the data center to the cloud, to the edge and beyond.  Traditional methods and technologies are too inflexible and simply cannot keep pace.

By some estimates, we are generating over 2 exabytes (2 million terabytes) of digital data daily and this is expected to reach 463 exabytes per day by 2025.  Much of this data will be machine-generated, largely coming from smart devices (the “Internet of Things”) at “the edge” with an estimated 21.5 billion connected devices by 2025.  And more than 80 percent of this data is unstructured, which can include documents, sensor readings, images, audio, video and more … data types which do not easily fit into the table structures of the traditional database.

Successful organizations embrace cloud native digital transformation.  Cloud native has less to do with where we run our apps and more to do with how we get things done.  Cloud native embraces rapid change, large scale and resilience.  It favors agile development methodologies and looks to leverage flexible technologies, like Kubernetes, and deliver value from the rich, data landscape that is the modern world.

Rancher simplifies the deployment and management of a robust Kubernetes landscape.  Some Rancher highlights to note are:

  • Support for any CNCF-certified Kubernetes distribution – on premises, in the public cloud and at the edge
  • Simplified multi-cluster operations with provisioning, version management, visibility, monitoring, diagnostics, alerting and auditability
  • Unified security, policy and user management no matter where your clusters are located
  • Rich catalog of shared tools and services to enable you to build, deploy and scale containerized applications, maintain robust CI/CD pipelines and ensure service delivery

MongoDB brings all the power of the traditional, relational database and provides a more natural way to work with modern data.  Some feature highlights include:

  • Modern, document-based approach to store
  • Support for arrays and nested objects
  • Dynamic data structures and schemas
  • Powerful and expressive query language that supports composable queries, joins, rich filtering, real-time aggregations and modern geo-, graph- and text-based searches
  • Multi-document ACID transactions
  • Drivers for dozens of popular programming languages
  • Built-in replication, horizontal scaling and geographic distribution

Together, SUSE and MongoDB deliver the agile data platform to accelerate your cloud native transformation with:

  • Flexibility, scalability and resiliency to support your modern, IT data landscape needs
  • Enterprise-grade support and services to ease the transformation and bolster success
  • Powerful features to enable innovative, data-rich application development

Check out this getting started guide by my colleague, Samip Parikh.

Be on the lookout as we highlight other data technologies in this SUSE agile data platform series.

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