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POWER up your Support Experience with SUSE – from a to Z


It has arrived, your new IBM POWER9 server. Your boss has been talking about it for a while: “It will be fast” he said. “It will have a lot of memory so we can run SAP HANA on it” he said. “It will be running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP applications, fully supported by SUSE” … he said.

And what he means by that is: “Go install everything and make it happen.”

Well SUSE has some good news here: We are ready to support you!

SUSE is a long term IBM partner, thousands of customers already selected the market leading SAP HANA solution to run SLES on POWER. The SUSE Customer Support team has years of experience supporting our customers. But not only that, SUSE itself relies on IBM POWER in our data center. Support engineers have direct access to POWER test systems to learn, troubleshoot & reproduce customer issues. That is not limited only to SAP HANA but also contains SUSE Manager running on POWER or regular SLES  (on POWER or IBM Z) workloads.

So how can you POWER up your support experience with SUSE? As a first step you need to contact SUSE Support, detailed instructions on how this can be done are documented in the SUSE Support Handbook

You might also want to review the SUSE Customer Center help and FAQ pages that can be found here.

SUSE Support Engineers are also creating knowledgebase articles on known issues, best practices and use cases in the SUSE Knowledgebase that can be found here.

If you are interested to meet SUSE representatives around the globe you can join us on conferences like IBM Think on Booth #221, the SUSE Expert days all around the globe and for the full dose of technical training and knowledge experience at SUSECon.

Come to the green side, we talk POWER!



  • Avatar photo Michael Friesenegger says:

    I am looking forward to being at IBM THINK next week. Stop by the booth if you have questions about SUSE solutions on IBM POWER and Z!

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