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OpenStack Summit Recap Day 3: No Halftime When Changing Enterprise Computing


As we reached the midpoint of the OpenStack Summit the focus of presentations, meetings, and conversations remained fixed on delivering valuable solutions to the enterprise. The OpenStack Foundation kicked off a “Win the Enterprise” working group. This working group was started to identify key gaps and will work with the technical to address them.

However, the OpenStack vendor ecosystem is also working to address enterprise needs. During our conversations with partners, this week, it is clear that the emphasis is on providing more complete solutions that can be easily deployed into a new OpenStack environment or integrated into an existing OpenStack cloud.

20140512_161004Users and the community are clearly committed to making OpenStack an easily adopted solution. This was most visible by the interest level and embrace of VMware during their session on OpenStack Distribution Support for vSphere and NSX. SUSE is a long time VMware customer and fully supports the integration of VMware solutions and OpenStack as part of SUSE Cloud. Partnerships like VMware and SUSE are what open source is all about. It is clear that OpenStack vendor partnerships are continuing to grow and evolve to ensure that enterprises have the best solutions available to them.

As the Summit moves into the final two days, the show floor is closed and the Juno Design Summit portion of the week picks-up, the development community will continue the charge around making OpenStack even more enterprise-ready by the Paris Summit in November. One area that will be of particular interest to SUSE is the development of the Triple O and Ironic projects, which are focused on OpenStack deployment. OpenStack deployment has been a point of emphasis for SUSE, since joining the community because we believe that ensuring a seamless installation is the first step in an enterprise solution. And SUSE engineering is proving just how passionate they are on this topic.

Yesterday, SUSE engineer Dirk Mueller demonstrated the OpenStack deployment expertise of SUSE by winning Intel’s Rule the Stack competition. Dirk deployed a complete OpenStack infrastructure with compute, storage, and networking and launched some virtual machines in half the time as his next closest competitor. Congratulations Dirk! And congratulations to the OpenStack community for another great Summit.

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