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Open-source opens up


In my previous blogs – the ones before my holidays- I discussed the nature of open-source and it’s security. The topics still have me wondering even while I’m on holiday; I thought about all the open-source initiatives that popped up- and are still popping up.

Starting as a movement in 1988 when Netscape claimed to give away the source code of Navigator (who still knows this browser?), open-source software spread like an oil spill. It gained the most knowledge with Linux as the ‘free’ Unix-variant (although a lot of people will debate this). With that the (server) operating system gained a solid spot at the edge of the network.

Luckily it didn’t stop there. I only have to check SUSE’s portfolio and how that grows year over year. Open-source also marches on to other elements of the network platform. Just have a look at all the sounding names of companies that align with the OpenStack initiative; SUSE clearly is not the only company that sees the value of this project. OpenStack delivers tools to build and manage cloud platforms. In this automated world, which is getting more complex and diverse by the day, demands co-operation. Companies know that and need to act on it to stay ahead of the game. Furthermore it is much nicer to work together instead of against each other.

It’s also the case with Ceph: a scalable software defined storage solution that runs on common hardware and offers object, block and filesystem storage in one self-steering and correcting platform without any single point of failure. All open-source and open for everybody to use, change and deploy. Open-source initiatives are everywhere; CAD, back-up, Finance, CRM, 3D. The list is endless and still grows.

You can find this open-source and it’s collaborative way of working all over the world and I’m convinced that working together is in our DNA. My kids for instance started playing with LEGO® when they were four (I think) and build amazing cities with their friends. Not using an instruction video but by using each other’s creativity. And the more they build together the better it became.

Does the open-source movement peak your interests as well? Or do you think otherwise? I’m open to discussions, so feel free to get in touch!


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