Next time: more customers (and) in Spring time!


So, after SUSECon 2017, what are my intentions for the next one? Listening to the response of all Dutch people who joined the conference we will try as hard as we can to bring more customers. They now know that it’s worthwhile to visit the event. Cause Customers as well as partners were pleasantly surprised by the breadth of our portfolio. They see our products expand and our offering getting more and more complete. We will invest more in knowledge and skills to support our partners in bringing the best solutions to our customers. We already took this path a year ago, when we hired specialists on the topic storage. We will keep on investing in complimentary skills that fit our expanding offerings. Our partners will experience we are a trustworthy and specialized vendor to work with. We will continue to train our team and – of course – our partners.

Hot topics are cloud computing, DevOps and containerisation. Our partners can expect that we will bring use cases, based on real life experience to them. I know: lots to do. But I am backed by a talented team and company.

Finally, let’s look forward because I know all of you are wondering where and when we will hold the next SUSECon. We will continue to alternate geographies, so the next SUSECon will be held in North America. Also, we will hold SUSECon in the Spring instead of the Fall—but naturally that does not mean Spring 2018, which would be right around the corner! Instead, the next SUSECon will be in Spring 2019, which means for this one time we will have a longer than usual span between events.

Right now, we are conducting the venue search for the Spring 2019 event and hope to announce the city and venue somewhere next month.

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