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Integrated, Automated Security for Containers Deployed with Kubernetes, Red Hat Openshift, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, AWS and More


End-to-End Kubernetes Protection

Transition to microservices securely. NeuVector offers end-to-end vulnerability management to establish your risk profile and the only patented container firewall for immediate protection from zero days, known, and unknown threats. Get integrated, automated security for containers deployed with Kubernetes, Red Hat Openshift, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, AWS and more.



Build Security Into the CI/CD Pipeline

Kubernetes, initially developed by Google, is the most popular orchestration platform for managing containers in production. But container security starts even before Kubernetes deploys containers. With a full lifecycle container security platform like NeuVector, ‘shift-left’ security integrated into the CI/CD pipeline becomes a reality.

Download the Ultimate Kubernetes Security Guide

  • Enforce end-to-end vulnerability management starting with the build-phase and integrating registry scanning with admission controls
  • Experience a true cloud-native security platform which is deployed and managed by Kubernetes and integrates tightly into the orchestration platform
  • Don’t compromise run-time security by going into production without the only Layer 7 container firewall


Kubernetes Protection in Production

Don’t forget to deploy an automated cloud-native Kubernetes security solution to secure containers in production. Whether you’re running Kubernetes natively or with Red Hat OpenShift, Docker EE, Rancher, Azure or AWS, NeuVector provides complete run-time visibility and network security for Kubernetes.

  • Easily deploy the NeuVector container using Kubernetes, then inspect and secure all pod and container connections with Layer 7 inspection
  • Discover and map application behavior and Kubernetes system containers in NeuVector
  • Audit security settings with the Kubernetes CIS Benchmark for testing compliance


Visualize and Learn Kubernetes Container Behavior

NeuVector automatically discovers all containers including Kubernetes system containers and maps their behavior.

  • Visualize connections and switch between logical and physical views of containers Monitor the Kubernetes system services such as API Server and DNS



Enforce Scalable Kubernetes Security

Use the NeuVector Kubernetes yaml templates with Kubernetes services to ensure that each new host running application containers has a NeuVector security container. Or use Helm-based automated deployment and management of NeuVector.

  • Automatically detect container and Kubernetes network changes as applications scale or update
  • Protect containers from violations and threats during run-time
  • Prevent vulnerable images from being deployed and scan running containers and hosts


Integrated With All Kubernetes Management Platforms

The NeuVector Kubernetes security solution supports and is integrated with all Kubernetes-based management platforms such as Red Hat OpenShift, Docker EE, Rancher, PKS, Microsoft AKS and AWS EKS. NeuVector containers are the only container network security solution certified by Docker and Red Hat OpenShift, and listed in the Rancher Catalog.

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Glen Kosaka Glen is head of product security at SUSE. Glen has more than 20 years of experience in enterprise security, marketing SaaS and infrastructure software. He has held executive management positions at NeuVector, Trend Micro, Provilla, Reactivity, Resonate, Quantum and Rignite.