Meeting Today’s Hybrid Infrastructure Challenge


In today’s world of hybrid cloud IT, IT leaders need to deliver an on-premises development and application environment that takes advantage of cloud-native development technologies and styles. To address these challenges, Dell Technologies and SUSE are combining their hardware and software expertise to offer a set of tested and capable solutions. The joint solution offers a capable and vetted infrastructure that thoughtfully delivers on the inherent promise when two industry leaders collaborate to deliver a compelling solution for today’s challenging needs.

Dell Technologies and SUSE’s joint solution is purpose-built to support orchestration and application delivery for cloud-native workloads while offering a flexible, software-defined, hyperconverged infrastructure solution. The infrastructure provides the scalability, high performance, and configuration flexibility that modern workloads require. This joint solution is different from traditional approaches as it offers a unique combination of capabilities that modern organizations need to operate effectively.

If you are looking to modernize the on-premises portion of your distributed cloud infrastructure, you should consider the offering from Dell and SUSE. The joint solution provides a noteworthy example of a capable and vetted infrastructure that delivers on the promise of combining cloud and on-premises computing paradigms. Read a full industry brief here

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