Learn about SUSE Enterprise Storage 3 and Ceph Jewel at our upcoming webcast


As I discussed in a previous blog  SUSE Enterprise Storage 3.0 the first commercial distribution based Ceph Jewel is here now, fully supported. To learn more about SUSE Enterprise Storage 3 and Ceph Jewel please join us on the 27th July for our webcast on the subject.

You can register at: https://www.suse.com/events/webinars

Ceph Jewel upon which SUSE Enterprise Storage 3 is based is the 7th LTS (Long Term Stable) release of Ceph includes many enhancements making it the most exciting release to date.

So if you care about your storage costs and needs, whether you are familiar or not with Ceph and SUSE Enterprise Storage, join the webcast. As you dig deeper in to SUSE Enterprise Storage you will learn that it provides storage that has no single point of failure, and boasts a feature set comparable the most expensive of disk arrays. You will discover superior compatibility with OpenStack’s Swift storage API (Application Programming Interface). Then as a technology preview there is  the first stable, feature complete release of the Ceph Filesystem, offering snapshots, volume repair and disaster recovery tools. And support for multiple Ceph file systems across a single cluster.

Don’t forget free trial downloads for SUSE Enterprise Storage 3 at https://www.suse.com/download-linux/

Hope you can join us on the 27th

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