Simplify Diverse Linux Environments: SAP and Beyond


Navigating the complexities of modern IT environments demands a partner who seamlessly integrates with your team, anticipating needs and offering solutions that not just maintain, but enhance your operations.

SUSE does just that, across both SAP and non-SAP workloads in diverse Linux landscapes. If you already use SUSE for SAP, you understand the reliability and performance this partnership provides. Now, imagine extending that same level of support to your entire Linux estate, across multiple distributions.

IT team manages their diverse Linux environments, including SAP and non-SAP workloads

Why SUSE for SAP?

You won’t find a more optimized Linux distribution for SAP than SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications. Our long-standing expertise and deep compatibility with SAP solutions make us the preferred Linux distribution for SAP workloads, wherever they are running. We work closely with SAP to ensure we’re always supporting the latest features and requirements, providing tailored enhancements to boost performance and reliability.

Our solutions integrate seamlessly into SAP environments with minimal disruption. We optimize Linux specifically for SAP to ensure the Linux that you use is the Linux that you need; from a security standpoint, performance standpoint and infrastructure standpoint. If you run SAP, there is a high chance that you are also running SUSE, maybe without even knowing it. SUSE is already a key part of your infrastructure, supporting SAP systems with unmatched reliability and efficiency.

SUSE for Workloads Beyond SAP

SUSE’s flexibility extends to managing a wide range of workloads beyond SAP. Our solutions are effective wherever you have Linux infrastructure needs, from databases and web servers to enterprise applications and edge computing. SUSE empowers organizations to choose the Linux that best meets their needs.

Our commitment to choice is the backbone of SUSE’s products, including SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and SUSE Liberty Linux. With SUSE, you can run your workloads where they run best, and ensure security and support across any Linux environment. We empower a heterogeneous infrastructure that serves your needs, not a vendor’s convenience.

This flexibility allows organizations to embrace innovation unbounded by versions or lifecycles, since you’re not dependent on a single vendor’s ecosystem. Instead, you have the freedom to build an infrastructure that works best for your business, leveraging the strengths of multiple Linux distributions. After all, the value of open source is the ability to innovate quickly and accelerate development, backed by community. This approach empowers you to create a resilient, flexible and cost-effective IT environment that can adapt to changing business demands.


How SUSE Supports All Linux Environments

SUSE provides a single source of service and support for both SAP and non-SAP workloads. Our centralized management tools streamline operations and improve security, allowing you to manage all your Linux distros in one place. Consolidating support from one source lets you avoid managing multiple contracts and vendors – and reduces costs for the business.

For example, the Polish airline LOT leveraged SUSE solutions to enhance their efficiency and drive down costs. Discover LOT’s success story.

“Our initial migration from Red Hat Enterprise Support to SUSE Liberty Linux produced 50% savings in subscription costs.”

– Marek Truszkowski IT Systems Administrator LOT Polish Airlines



Our solutions act as a force multiplier, helping IT teams focus on innovation by reducing daily complexities. With over 30 years of Linux expertise, SUSE delivers seamless integration and reliable support. We actively maintain and contribute to the Linux kernel and many other open source projects, embodying true open source values. This deep involvement in the open source community ensures that our solutions are always at the cutting edge of technology, that we have the deepest and broadest knowledge of such technologies, and that we’ll provide you with the best possible support and tools to drive your business forward.

We invest in supporting our customers’ choices, including what Linux you’re running. We believe that organizations should have the freedom to choose the technologies that best meet their needs, without being constrained by vendor lock-in.

As some of your current Linux distributions, like CentOS and other Enterprise Linux, approach end of life or alter their support terms, SUSE Liberty offers a lifeline. You don’t have to rush into a costly and complex migration. SUSE Liberty Linux lets you simply change the source of updates without migrating, giving you enough time to plan a safe and organized transition to the Linux environment of your choice.

With SUSE as your choice, you can always decide which infrastructure to improve by adopting the full potential of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server — on your own timeline — and which Linux to keep in your current Linux distribution while leveraging the same level of enterprise support that you have in your SAP environment.

Choosing SUSE isn’t merely about selecting a Linux distribution; it’s about inviting an experienced collaborator into your ecosystem — one that champions the ideals of open source.


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In the dynamic landscape of modern IT, choosing the right partner is crucial for success. At SUSE, we understand the complexities of managing diverse Linux environments, for SAP and non-SAP workloads. Our commitment to providing reliable, flexible and open solutions is unwavering.

See the power of SUSE in action. Discover how SUSE can help you unlock the full potential of your IT infrastructure.

Choose open. Choose SUSE.

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