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Innovate Everywhere with SUSE & Microsoft @SUSECON Digital 2021!


SUSE and Microsoft are technology leaders who have innovation at the heart of their partnership, and so as this year’s SUSECON Digital further extends its theme of ‘Innovate Everywhere’ it makes sense that Microsoft would be a Cornerstone sponsor.


At SUSECON this year, it’s all about ‘inspiration’ and the possibilities that your digital transformation journey will take you on. Whether you are just getting started or are mature in your journey, the sky is no longer the limit. Turn inspiration into reality with technical content and roadmaps that help you take advantage of current technologies. See how our Enterprise Linux, Kubernetes Management and Edge solutions are transforming everything from mobile phones to operating rooms, self-driving cars and education.  Together Microsoft and SUSE are able to :

  • Innovate with Mission Critical compute
  • Innovate with Hybrid compute
  • Innovate for the future of compute

In addition to the Microsoft’s Cornerstone Keynote session with  Arpan Shah, GM of Azure, the Microsoft team will  deliver five breakout sessions, full of great information and demonstrations.  They are…


Keynote session with Thomas Di Giacomo, SUSE VP of Engineering and Arpan Shah, GM of Azure

Join Arpan and ‘Dr T’ as they discuss our long-established partnership and how we’ve worked together closely to enable customer innovations to happen everywhere across the cloud and hybrid.   They will also delve into the SUSE Rancher offering and how they are embracing cloud services like Azure and Azure Container Service (AKS).


Automating your mission critical SAP deployment in Azure [DEMO1181]

Migrating your SAP workloads to Azure made easy! Learn how Microsoft is working with SAP, SUSE and HashiCorp to make your mission critical SAP deployment and infrastructure provisioning a pleasant journey!

Morgan Deegan, Sr Program Manager – SAP Automation, Microsoft


Manage your SLES machines at scale in and out of the cloud with Azure Arc and Azure Automanage [SPO1160]

Managing mission critical SLES apps across on-premise and cloud could be time consuming and complex. Azure Arc and Azure Automanage provides you with a seamless management experience across your SLES environments with ease, allowing you to manage your SLES machines whether they are running on-premises or in Azure. In this session, we will provide an overview of Azure Arc and Azure Automanage, and demonstrate how to connect your SLES machines to Azure Arc, and enable Azure Automanage to quickly configure a wide variety of management services such as monitoring, updates, and baseline configuration. Simplifying your management tasks across your server footprint is that easy with Azure Arc and Azure Automanage!

Alfred Sin, Program Manager, Microsoft

Ryan Willis, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft


SQL Server on SLES – Production ready [SPO1165]

In this session we look at how you can deploy SQL Server on Azure VMs running SLES at scale using terraform. We also discuss deploying customized SQL containers on top of SLES image loaded with features like AD authentication, Read scale deployment of always on availability group and other enterprise features. Monitoring, performance tuning are other topics that we would discuss. All this with a preview to the upcoming joint engineering work that is happening between Microsoft and SUSE for SQL Server on SLES. Overall, it is going to be a fast paced, demo filled session with lots of fun. Hoping to see all the #dataengineers, #dbas and anyone & everyone working with data.

Amit Khandelwal, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

James Yang, Cloud Solutions Architect, SUSE
New insights for migrating your SAP and SUSE workloads to Azure [SPO1182]

SAP is the mission critical app that we all love, come join our team of experts to learn about what the new features and enhancements we’re making in Azure that helps you migrate and run your SUSE SAP workloads smoothly and effortlessly. In the session, we will show you the latest capabilities of SUSE SAP on Azure with updated Backup, HA and DR ability, integration with Terraform to help you automate provisioning and managing the workloads, and integration with Azure Monitor to help you keep track of your SAP performance in Azure.

Juergen Thomas, Microsoft


Azure HPC – A cloud built for HPC + AI [SPO1186]

Azure uniquely positions itself as a leading supercomputing center for HPC + AI workloads that provides the added benefits of the cloud. In this session, we look at how Azure HPC approaches cloud-scale supercomputing. We’ll share an infrastructure, storage, and software overview for HPC + AI workloads with SUSE HPC as well as examples of how customers across industries are leveraging Azure HPC today. We’ll demonstrate how to deploy an HPC cluster, run a computational model, and then spin down the cluster upon completion. Finally, we’ll share some real-life examples with SLES HPC on Azure.

Stefan Damström, Global Partner Sales Director – Microsoft Azure, SUSE

Rob Futrick, Principal PM Lead, Azure HPC Software + Services , Microsoft


Visit the Microsoft page during SUSECON to be entered into a raffle where you could be one of four winners who will receive a pair of either Microsoft Surface headphones or Microsoft Surface Earbuds.

For a full list of available sessions, view the complete Session Catalog.

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