It’s a freezing day in the Northwest and I’m dreaming of Vegas sunshine. Not just because Las Vegas is a fabulous city, more importantly, I’m looking forward to IBM’s first ever Think event at the Mandalay! We’ve been planning for this mega event for a while now, and SUSE is really poised to make a big splash!

As most of you already know, SUSE is a long time partner of IBM, our deep collaboration across the past 2 decades span many of their product lines and has been all about joint customer success, engineering integration and seamless support experience for the customers. We have thousands of joint customers together, across IBM Power Systems, IBM Z and LinuxOne, IBM Technology Support Services and on IBM Cloud. We hope to meet many of them at Think!

SUSE will be a sponsor at this IBM customer-palooza. We have some major capabilities to show and some announcements to make at the event. A lot of it is focused around what we are doing with IBM Power Systems for SAP HANA customers. Because of that, we’re starting a 7 part blog series – Top 7 Reasons Why SUSE is the Gold Standard for SAP HANA on IBM Power, so watch this space!

For customers who are indeed going to be attending the show, check us out at booth 221, and join us Monday evening for our special Golf reception. (Want to come? Just email me at h tang at suse dot com) Did I mention you might win an one of these cool RC cars if you attend? 😀


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