Good news! Updated Guide for SAP HANA Performance Optimized Scenario


Good news! Yesterday we published a major update of our setup guide for SAP HANA system replication on
SLES for SAP 12 (SP4) for the performance optimized scenario.

SAPHanaSR ScaleUP perfOpt

The updated guide describes planning, set up, and basic testing of the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications based high availability solution scenario “SAP HANA Scale-Up System Replication Performance Optimized”.

From the application perspective the following variants are covered:

  • Plain system replication
  • System replication with secondary site read-enabled
  • Multi-tier (chained) system replication
  • Multi-target system replication
  • Multi-tenant database containers for all above

From the infrastructure perspective the following variants are covered:

  • 2-node cluster with disk-based SBD
  • 3-node cluster with disk-less SBD

The most important improvements are:

  • Optimized setup procedure to cover better the use of the in-package SAP HANA hook script
  • Improved examples for the sudoers implementation
  • Better explanation of the SAP HANA hook included in the solution in December 2019
  • Added example and explanation of the active/active scenario with secondary side read-enabled

The guide could be found at:

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