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Get ready for SUSE Manager 4.3.6!


Get Ready for SUSE Manager 4.3.36

In just a few weeks, SUSE Manager 4.3.6 will be available for you to download!  While this is not a major release, plenty of new features come with it. There are many reasons to upgrade to this new release as soon as possible.  Let’s talk about a few:

Freedom of choice

SUSE Manager is the only infrastructure management solution that manages more than 15 different Linux distributions.  And with this newest release, we will add to that list with the management of all the RHEL 9 variations (Rocky Linux, Alma Linux, RHEL 9) and of course support our very own, and latest, SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP5.  So if you are running your business critical workloads on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES), or even if you are not running any SLES at all, isn’t it time you had a single management solution for all your distributions that you can manage from a single console?  As we like to say SUSE Manager manages ANY Linux, ANY Where, at ANY Scale.  Take charge of your IT infrastructure with SUSE Manager and experience real freedom!

Security taken seriously

Security is no laughing matter and understandably so.  According to the IBM Cost of a Data Breach 2022 Report, the average cost of a data breach in the United States is $9.44M – almost twice the global amount of $4.35M.  And, when you consider more than 60% of breaches can be prevented with good patching habits, having an IT management solution that manages all your Linux infrastructure becomes invaluable.

SUSE Manager is that solution.  From automated CVE updates to the ability to scan against SCAP profiles using OpenSCAP, SUSE Manager practically automates security for you.  Use Prometheus and Grafana to monitor your entire infrastructure in real-time and visually display results.  Automate Patch Management and take advantage of Live Patching, in SUSE Linux Enterprise, to minimize downtime.  It’s all available in this single solution.

With this new release, we enable you to install Program Temporary Fixes (PTFs) directly from your SUSE Manager console.  That means no more manually patching servers – saving your admins valuable time.

If your company is taking security seriously, it’s time to upgrade to a better IT Management Solution – SUSE Manager.

Extended support

Who among us has the time to continually update a system?   Yet to get the support, you need to upgrade.  It’s quite a conundrum!  Well, check this out – The SUSE Manager 4.3 series will be supported until June 2025 (Which includes 4.3.6 and upcoming updates).  That means if you upgrade today, you’ll get access to our outstanding Technical Support for more than two years!  This also gives you time to experience our upcoming release of SUSE Manager 5.0, which will have many, new innovative features to make infrastructure management even simpler!

All the updates, patches, PTFs, and new features will be readily available to you with 4.3.6, and even more coming with the upcoming maintenance updates.  And if you are still running 4.2, it’s time to upgrade as support ends October 31, 2023.  And updating from 4.2 to 4.3 is super simple – something that can be completed in less than an hour (depending on the size of your database).

Stay tuned as we’ll have a blog dedicated to upgrading from SUSE Manager 4.2 to SUSE Manager 4.3 in the upcoming weeks.

Management in the cloud – coming soon

SUSE Manager has always been available in the cloud as a Bring Your Own Subscription (BYOS).  Our big news is the introduction of SUSE Manager 4.3.7, we will be offering SUSE Manager as a PAYG offering in the AWS marketplace (followed later by releasing PAYG with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud).  This allows you to manage infrastructure from the cloud on your terms.

PAYG provides many benefits to you – including the ability for metered usage, scalability on your terms, and single billing from your cloud provider.  More on these options will be featured in a future blog.

Better together – SUMA and Services

Are you ready to get started, but looking for help?  We’ve got the perfect solutions for you.  SUSE is announcing packages to help you reduce your time to production!

Three levels of packages, provide an option for every sized business – but every package includes SUMA subscriptions, SUSE consulting, and eLearning subscriptions.  The enterprise and SAP solution also include access to Premium Support Services – our white glove technical support.  Please see the table below and contact your account executive for more information.

SUSE Manager Solutions

Starter Enterprise SAP
SUSE Manager SUSE Manager Subscriptions to attach and manage a small footprint (30-50 machines)

  • ·Suitable for small environments to make them more efficient
  • ·Suitable in large environments so you can use it in your Lab / Testing to get started
SUSE Manager Subscriptions to attach and manage an important footprint (+100 machines)


SUSE Manager Subscriptions capable of managing a typical SLES for SAP deployment (+30 machines)
SUSE Consulting One Week of Consulting Services to deploy and do the initial customization to fit your infrastructure and shorten the time to production Two Weeks of Consulting Services to design and deploy features such as:

  • ·Structured registration (Activation Keys)
  •  Baselines (Dev/Test/Prod stages)
  • ·Base templates
  • Preparation for system patching
Three Weeks of Consulting Services that will provide:

  • Advanced customization of the deployment, including SUSE Manager, SUSE Manager Monitoring, and Trento
  • ·Register systems and prepare SAP specific automation
SUSE Training Two annual subscriptions to SUSE eLearning – providing access to every technical training course SUSE offers. Two annual subscriptions to SUSE eLearning – providing access to every technical training course SUSE offers. Two annual subscriptions to SUSE eLearning – providing access to every technical training course SUSE offers.
SUSE Premium Support Services Not applicable Bronze tier of SUSE Premium Support Services – giving you access to a named premium support engineer and white-glove technical support. Bronze tier of SUSE Premium Support Services – giving you access to a named premium support engineer and white-glove technical support.

This is an exciting time for the SUSE Manager team.  As we get closer to the official launch, we’ll be publishing blog posts on some of the most interesting features of our new release.

And of course, stay tuned for more information on SUSE Manager 5.0 – the next generation of SUSE Manager.

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