Get an Early Start: Pre-SUSECON Training Workshops


Ever wondered how to install and configure a Ceph cluster with SUSE Enterprise Storage 3? Or how to deploy a highly available SUSE OpenStack Cloud? Or maybe you’re just curious about the new features of SUSE Manager 3.  Either way…we’ve got you covered.  If you thought you’d have to wait until Tuesday to join the SUSECON fun, think again.  On Monday, November 7th we are hosting four pre-conference workshops guaranteed to add a little something extra to your technical skillset.  But don’t just take my word for it check out the line-up for yourself:


Course: Install & Configure a Ceph Cluster with SUSE Enterprise Storage 3

This one day hands-on course introduces you to SUSE Enterprise Storage 3. You will learn how to install and configure a Ceph cluster using SUSE Enterprise Storage.  You will also explore the capabilities of SUSE Enterprise Storage, including new features in version 3. Prerequisites: General Linux Administration.

Course: SUSE Manager 3 New Features

This one day course will cover the architectural components and new features of Suse Manager 3. First we introduce Salt integration with Suse Manager, covering registering and managing clients. Next we will look at the subscription matching service, how it works and use cases. Suse Manager topology awareness is introduced and a topology tree is imported. Finally, we integrate Suse Manager with your monitoring system.

***Prerequisites: General Linux Administration

Course: Deploy a Highly Available SUSE OpenStack Cloud

This one-day course is designed for system administrators, DevOps, system engineers and others who want to learn how to deploy a highly available SUSE OpenStack cloud.  Participants begin with a detailed overview of the component parts of OpenStack and a comprehensive understanding of the tasks necessary to deploy a highly available SUSE OpenStack cloud. Attendees will then use automated tools to build a highly available OpenStack cloud in the course lab.

***Prerequisites: General Linux Administration

Course: Securing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

This one-day class is designed for SUSE Linux Enterprise Administrators who are skilled in administering SLES and want to add the critical knowledge of securing systems to their skillset.

In this 6+ hour course, we’ll cover the basics of making systems secure, physical and account security measures, filesystem lockdown, built-in and application security frameworks, securing network services, tools for auditing, monitoring and reporting on system security.

Attendees will walk away with the foundation for securing their organization’s systems and networks, including the start of a security auditing checklist and policy that can be used when you get back to work.

***Prerequisites: General Linux Administration, Mid-level SUSE Linux Enterprise knowledge, Some Security and Encryption knowledge very useful.

If you’re attending SUSECON 16, make the most of your Monday and register for a pre-SUSECON technical training course now.



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