Get back on Track: Start reorganizing your SUSE Customer Center


At SUSE we keep giving our best to improve our products. Especially when we look at the SUSE customer center, the team is really aiming for a great user experience.

Customers, who have been using the SUSE Customer Center functionalities for a while, have asked for ways to reorganize their account. In some cases quite a stack of expired systems has led to difficulties in the administration of current set-ups. In consequence a particular solution for the removal of old, expired systems was requested.SCC deleting systems

The solution our SCC team implemented is both easy to use and sufficient. Many of you probably already know and like the function of deleting systems, registered with SLE12 products. Well, now it works just the same for any other system that may still be in your SCC account. Just quickly find the “deregister” button on the far right of each row and delete your system. After deleted, the system will no longer show up in your SCC account and no longer receive updates.

We are sure, now you get to enjoy and engage in an even more lucid, reorganized, personal SUSE Customer Center. This implementation became a great example for the value of your engagement. Only throughout customers’ feedback, we can make our SUSE Customer Center more user-friendly and it better fit your, our customers’, needs.

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  • Avatar photo silviumc says:

    Ok, awesome.

    Another feature that is sorely missing is a way to delete duplicate organizations.

    I have 5 duplicate organizations that were created by different resellers when I bought SUSE maintenance subscriptions from them.

    I need a way to move systems from an organization to another and delete duplicate organizations.

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