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SUSE guest blog authored by:

Jan Peschke, Sales Engineer at Quobyte


Many organizations run Kubernetes today, for Development and actually more and more production workloads. This results in tens to hundreds of Kubernetes clusters within one organization and managing these clusters is a critical task. This is where SUSE Rancher enters the stage: As many clusters as needed can be controlled using a single interface. These landscapes can represent all of your organizational needs: Clusters can run on premise, in the cloud or as a service provided by any leading Kubernetes provider. In simple words: One interface to rule them all.

But there is one thing left as an exercise for the architect: How and where to store data, generated by such a diverse Kubernetes environment?

With Quobyte you can get a single interface to provide storage in all of these environments. It does not matter where you deploy Quobyte as a storage provider: On Premise, based on any cloud provider of your trust or directly integrated in a Kubernetes cluster. From a user perspective it will all feel the same, since storage APIs stay consistent. 

Users can act on their storage capacity in an totally autonomous manner, since they are isolated by multi tenant capable storage (each user/application/entity has a dedicated secret to access only authorized storage capabilities):


This results in autonomous teams with no need to burden any storage team or administrator. They can simply provision their storage in any quality and quantity they need. But it also brings strong security: Kubernetes storage resources are simply not accessible by users without access credentials. 


The second benefit is performance: When consuming storage from a Quobyte cluster each pod/container gets the full performance of a parallel file system:


And then there is a third aspect organizations might be interested in: data safety. Quobyte provides three times replicated storage as a default:


Combining security, performance and reliability in one storage solution gives you the perfect pendant to a single control interface for all your Kubernetes clusters. 


The partnership of SUSE and Quobyte enables organizations to use scalable Kubernetes storage with the same simplicity that Rancher offers for installing any other partner application: A few clicks in a comfortable web interface. 

To learn more about how Quobyte and SUSE Rancher can help you automate and secure your Kubernetes environment, visit our website for more information or get in touch with the Quobyte team. You can also contact the SUSE Rancher team. 

We look forward to talking to you!


Author: Jan Peschke

Jan has been working with storage mainly from a user perspective: Starting his career at a small web hosting company it took him to work at a supercomputer facility, later building highly available and scalable web hosting scenarios and then being accountable for a cloud engineering team to provide public cloud service infrastructure.

His interest was always not only in technology, but in what humans do with it. Today Jan is accountable to dive into that perspective as a Sales Engineer at Quobyte.

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