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Fujitsu and SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching = one solid solution for your SAP Landscapes


Are you exposing your systems to security breaches by delaying a security patch waiting for shutdown opportunity? Are you running mission critical workloads, in-memory databases, or low-latency applications such as transactional databases? Are you spending 10% or more of your time updating systems and rebooting? These are the questions that can keep you up at night. Even more anxiety-provoking: We know that 75% of attacks use publicly known vulnerabilities in commercial software that could be prevented by regular patching. Often systems don’t get patched on time, because a reboot is required.

Our pioneering SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching technology–an important part of our zero downtime solution– virtually eliminates the need for downtime and allows for easier planning of scheduled downtime because you can apply critical Linux kernel fixes outside of maintenance windows. SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching is a simple open source solution that delivers live kernel patching without the need to reboot. Because it builds on to the existing SUSE Linux Enterprise kernel infrastructure and uses familiar deployment methods, SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching is an easy way to make operating system maintenance more efficient and secure.

And nobody appreciates our Live Patching feature like our friends at Fujitsu, who understand that dynamic business continuity requires platform solutions that support consistent and uniform management of the entire SAP software landscape in order to ensure real-time management of productive SAP environments. That’s why they are just thrilled to include SUSE® Linux Enterprise Live Patching as part of their PRIMEFLEX for SAP Landscapes solution.

Live patching increases service availability, keeping your business running even while you update the kernel. It can even patch kernel functions that are being actively executed by the operating system. Live Patching also reduces planned downtime because you can patch the kernel unobtrusively whenever necessary. This means processes like crucial and time-consuming product simulations can run to completion without being interrupted by urgent kernel updates.

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