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Find Your SUSE Training Courses


Your IT role demand a combination of large and deep knowledge of the enterprise software to maintain internal and external customer satisfaction. In other words, your architectural design, deployment, maintenance and/or support shall deliver the service level required by the business. Building and maintaining your technical knowledge will boost your self-confidence and increase your productivity; and that’s critical for your career development. Equally, enterprises that invest in training their IT staff will reap business continuity, increased security, and employee satisfaction.

What is a “SUSE Training Course” ?

First, short description of fundamental terms.

    • SUSE is a global leader in true open source innovation, collaborating with partners, communities, and customers to deliver and support robust open source software solutions.


    • Training is teaching, or developing in oneself or others, any skills and knowledge or fitness that relate to specific useful competencies (Wikipedia).


  • Course (education) is a unit of teaching that typically lasts one academic term, is led by one or more instructors (teachers or professors) and has a fixed roster of students (Wikipedia).

Therefore, a “SUSE Training Course” is a unit of teaching delivered, over one or more days, by a SUSE Certified Instructor, physically or virtually, or through on-demand video on a particular SUSE technology based on open source software. SUSE Training Courses are developed by an experienced team of real-world subject matter experts with input from SUSE engineering, support and consulting teams. This brings together knowledge and best practices from all parts of the SUSE organization in a single place.

What is the content of a “SUSE Training Course” ?

In general, SUSE Training Course(s) for a product covers specific content to master the following actions over four phases of software management:


1) Analysis and Design

2) Deployment and Testing

3) Production

4) Maintenance


The extent to which these actions are covered depends on the specific SUSE Training Course. For example, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 Administration course content covers the majority of “Analysis and Design”, “Deployment and Testing”, and “Production”. On the other side, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 Advanced Administration course content covers deeper insights across all four phases with focus on “Maintenance”.

What information is available about a “SUSE Training Course” ?

Each description of a SUSE Training Course includes the following information.

    1. General course information about delivery method, number of days, and level (Beginner or Intermediate).


    1. Key objectives related to learning and practices.


    1. Target audience for whom the course is designed and will benefit most including related certification exam.


    1. Course outline for each training day. This is a comprehensive agenda structured by day, section, and technology. This Is the heart of the SUSE Training Course enabling participant to understand what will be covered and in what order.


    1. Course prerequisites to ensure the audience knowledge and skills are suitable for the training course.


  1. Course schedule presenting worldwide training schedule for the course with dates, location and the name of the authorized SUSE Training Partner who is delivering the training course.

Find Your SUSE Training Courses

This SUSE Training webpage presents you with all training courses for SUSE products family. Select the product family to find your SUSE Training Courses, examples are:

    • Enterprise Linux / SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) webpage


    • SAP Solutions / SLES for SAP Applications webpage


    • Business-Critical Computing / High Availability and Live Patching webpage


    • IT Infrastructure Management / SUSE Manager webpage


    • SUSE Rancher / Instructor Led Training (coming soon) *** FYI Rancher Academy offers Self-Paced Certified Rancher Operator: Level 1 webpage


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