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Did you know that SUSE provides free documentation for all of our products to the general public in multiple languages and in multiple formats? Not only that, it is released under the GNU Free Documentation or under a Creative Commons license. As a big fan of the work that the Creative Commons folks do, this makes me proud to work for a company that actually cares about giving back to the community.  Not only is our documentation freely available, so are our knowledgebase articles. Unlike other companies, we don’t give just a few lines of the article and then prompt the user to buy our products in order to fix a problem. Also, now that SLE* and OpenSUSE share the same direct codebase, a problem solved in one product can easily be used to fix the other.

There are currently 20 manuals and white papers for SLES 12 SP 2 and 6 for OpenSUSE Leap 42.2. For the Linux newbie, spending $50+ for a paper book on one product at the local bookstore that will be out of date in two years is a huge investment. It makes sense for anyone wanting to get into Linux and Open Source to start with a distribution that makes it easy.

Our Free Documentation for SLE:

Installation and Administration

Deployment Guide
Administration Guide
Virtualization Guide
Storage Administration Guide
System Analysis and Tuning Guide
Security Guide

Additional Information

Hardening Guide
Xen to KVM Migration Guide
Docker Quick Start
systemd in SUSE® Linux Enterprise 12 – White Paper
Virtualization Technologies
Networking with Wicked in SUSE® Linux Enterprise 12 – White Paper
Virtualization Best Practice
Subscription Management Tool (SMT)
Introduction to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for the Raspberry Pi
Data Replication across Geo Clusters via DRBD
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server-Support for Intel Server Platforms


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